Lamp for a child, illuminated decoration - Hills, Balloon - Bronze
A lamp for a child. Cloud, balloon, hills.
  • A lamp for a child. Cloud, balloon, hills.
  • Children's lamp. Balloon, hills.
  • Remote controlled children's lamp. Balloon.
  • Decoration with backlight. Children's lamp. Cloud, balloon, hills.
  • Illuminated children's decoration. Lamp above the cot. Balloon, cloud.
  • Children's room decoration with backlight. Cloud, balloon, hills.
  • Remote control for controlling a child's lamp
  • Remote control for a child's lamp

A light for a child, a balloon, hills

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A beautiful, hand-painted lamp for a children's room. Subdued colors, perfectly fit in almost any room, and constitute a beautiful decoration. Additional personalization with the child's name makes the lamp a perfect gift for a one-year-old, baptism or other occasion. High-quality, aesthetic and functional components make the lamp extremely practical. Radio remote control and a module that allows you to adjust the light intensity make the operation simple and convenient. Safety is guaranteed by fire-resistant wood impregnation and the use of certified paints for children's toys. Colorful, high-quality textile cable is a perfect finish, and the extremely flat plug will make you use even a hard-to-reach socket behind the furniture

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The lamp is equipped with energy-saving LED modules - The Halo effect is perfect as a bedside lamp to help your baby fall asleep.

Remote control gives you the ability to turn on / off, dim / brighten and start different lighting modes and effects. The radio remote control eliminates the need to aim at the receiver - the remote control works in any position.

The use of an extremely flat plug allows you to connect the lamp to a socket located even behind the cabinet.

Elegant, high-quality, colored cable in a textile braid adds charm to the lamp and does not disturb the visually on the wall, constituting an additional decoration.

Convenient mounting system with spacers enabling quick disassembly for the time of renovation / painting of the room.

The paints used are certified to be compatible with children's toys.

The wood has been impregnated with a fireproof impregnation to increase safety.

Power supply 230V / 12V.

The 3m cable length enables trouble-free connection of the lamp in almost every room.

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