Colop Printer PRO Compact 10 self-inking stamp - Super colors.

Stamp 10 - Printer Compact PRO - Colop

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Printer Compact PRO 10 is a series of stamps made of the highest quality materials. They guarantee a precise bounce thanks to the transparent base and anti-slip technology. The stamp, thanks to its adjusted size, is mobile and handy. The ink used is resistant to light and abrasion. Stamps in sizes 10-40 are equipped with plugs that protect against dirt and damage, and thanks to them additional unlocking is not required, because it is immediately ready for use after pressing the "Press" button on the plug.

The innovative locking system makes it easy to replace the replacement cushion. Also, the text plate in the lock position is set at a height equal to the stamp housing, which facilitates its sticking or replacement.

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Ordered product:

Printer 10 - Imprint size: 27x10 mm, recommended number of lines: 3 - has a plug

Other product versions available:

Printer 20 - Imprint size: 38x14 mm, recommended number of lines: 4 - has a plug

Printer 30 - Imprint size: 47x18 mm, recommended number of lines: 5 - has a plug

Printer 40 - Imprint size: 59x23 mm, recommended number of lines: 6 - has a plug

Printer 50 - Size of reflection: 69x30 mm, recommended number of lines: 7 - no cap

Printer 60 - Print size: 76x37 mm, recommended number of lines: 8 - no cap

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