Ecological bottle with a refill for ice or your favorite fruit 800ml
  • Bottle with ice and fruit insert
  • Sports water bottle with insert for fruit and ice

Water bottle with ice and fruits refill

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800 ml water bottle. The transparent insert makes it possible to put inside your favorite fruit, mint or just ice cubes, which will allow you to keep the refreshing coolness of our drink for longer. Give up disposable water bottles and take care of the environment! Our bottle does not contain BPA.

Easy to clean, it has a tight closure and a handle. Irreplaceable every day - at work, at home, on a walk or training. Placed in a visible place, it reminds you of healthy hydration :)

The perfect gift for people who like a healthy lifestyle and ecology! Three color options available.



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Eco-friendly BPA-free water bottle. 800 ml capacity. The transparent insert allows placing fruit, mint or ice inside to keep the drink cool. Three color options available.

It has a tight closure and a handle for easy carrying.

The perfect gadget for people who like a healthy lifestyle and respect the environment.

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Tritan, PP (BPA free)