Personalized stamp for ceramics, clay or soap. High quality.

Stamp for ceramics, clay and soap

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Ceramic, clay or soap stamp

Wooden stamp with an individual pattern, made of black plexiglass, 5 mm thick, for imprinting in a soft, plastic clay or soap mass


Personalized stamp, laser-engraved with any graphic motif and / or inscription. Made of wood and PLEKSI. The depth of the engraving of plexiglass 2.5mm. Only on our plexiglass the engraving is uniform and smooth, without the traces of lines that occur with standard plexiglass


Dedicated to stamping in soft mass such as ceramics, clay or soap. Perfect for ceramic or soap studios, you can use it to create a company logo, wedding monograms

If you have a project that meets the requirements below, please send the file to us by e-mail to the following address:

Implementation up to 10 days

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Ceramic, clay or soap stamp - perfect for logos or wedding monograms.

Remember to choose a convex or concave version of the stamp - the photo shows the difference.


round diameter 3 cm

round diameter 5 cm

square 5x5 cm

square 2.5x2.5 cm

rectangular 6x2.5 cm

rectangular 5x2 cm


Laser engraving requires vector graphics

All text elements must be converted to curves (and cannot be bitmaps)

The graphics must be prepared only in black and white, the cutting line is marked with a hair-thick red color (all in RGB space) - the laser does not "see" shades of gray or other colors than those described below:

black color: R0 G0 B0

white color: R255 G255 B255

red color - indicating cutting lines: R255 G0 B0, hair thickness

The same graphic looks different depending on the scale of the image. Therefore, when selecting the content of the file (content and logo) that is to be placed on them, one should take into account the accumulation of elements and possible lack of legibility when minimized.

None of the lines can intersect or overlap. They must be welded (it is very well visible in the wireframe view).

All elements, e.g. lines where thickness is important, should be drawn as filled objects with the shape of a line (convert outlines / strokes into objects).

The distance of the elements from the end of the stamp must not be less than 1 mm

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