Floral wooden stamps. Beautiful flowers and leaves to create wreaths

A set of creative stamps - Garden flowers

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A set containing six unique, wooden flower stamps, packed in a cardboard box. The set includes 3 different flowers, 3 leaf patterns that can be used to create beautiful wreaths and a COLOP MAKE pillow, 1 lavender color.

The stamps are made of high-quality beech wood, the text plate is made of yellow artistic rubber, glued with red self-adhesive foam.

Stamps are perfect for decorating invitations, telegrams, letters, napkins and much more. Mix and match our patterns to create unique flower arrangements. MAKE 1 pillows available in our store will be the perfect complement to the set.

The stamp pattern reflected on its upper side with the use of paint makes it easier to find the appropriate stamp, its precise reflection, and also adds attractiveness.



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Flower stamps made of beech wood. Beautiful patterns that will decorate your invitations, thanks, daily notes for a loved one - whatever you want!

The set includes a MAKE 1 pillow in the color of lavender violet. In our store you will find many other, juicy colors of MAKE 1 pillows!

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