Round wooden stamp. Laser engraved, EKO rubber - Exlibris
Round wooden stamp - Fresh Mint
  • Round wooden stamp - Fresh Mint
  • Round wooden stamp - Delight Candles
  • Wooden round stamp - exlibris
  • Round wooden stamp
  • Traditional wooden stamp - Through the eyes of an artistic soul
  • Traditional round stamp - Bottling workshops
  • Traditional, round wooden stamp - Cheese congress
  • Round wooden griffin stamp
  • Round wooden stamp - Wood Creations
  • Traditional round wooden stamp
  • Round stamp - Cradle
  • Round wooden stamp
  • Wooden round stamp
  • Traditional wooden round stamp

Wooden round stamp

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We present the offer of our round wooden stamps. These rubber stamps have a soul! Tasteful and elegant. The metal marker facilitates orientation of the stamp's reflection.

Send us your project or order it from us. Short delivery time.

Before purchasing, please select the stamp size from the list and describe the details in the product customization box.

If your project complies with the guidelines described below, please send it to us by e-mail to the following address:

Product customization

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We present a wide range of our wooden bar stamps. Seals available in various sizes and shapes. A very popular decorative element that allows you to personalize paper tablecloths, napkins, envelopes ...

We make stamps based on your design or we prepare it for you on request.

With us, you get a fixed, low cost of project preparation. Now you will pay only PLN 35 for it. Write to us, describe your expectations or send a sketch or photo, and we will do the rest.

Before the execution of the order, we send the project for approval.

Design guidelines

If you want to send us a finished project for implementation, it must meet the following requirements:

- Made in scale and expected proportions,

- Saved in a vector file (preferably CorelDraw or another compatible with CorelDraw, e.g. .ai, .dxf, .svg, .pdf saved in curves),

- All fonts converted to curves,

- Lines that are to be visible on the reflection should be converted into objects with a width equal to the thickness of the lines,

- All overlapping objects should be merged.

- The minimum width of the narrowest objects should not be less than 0.3 mm

The price includes minor corrections necessary for the correct execution of the stamp.

If your project does not meet the above requirements, in the "Stamp design" field, select the option: "I am asking for a project". By e-mail, you can send us a description, sketch or photo of the reflection that we have to prepare. If you care about a specific typeface, please provide the name of the font - we do not draw fonts by hand.

We also recommend ink pads for wooden stamps.

To make the stamp plate, we use a high-quality green EKO rubber!

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