A circle with a name for a wedding, birthday. Monstera Leaves. Painted
Circle with a name. Triple rim. Painted
  • Circle with a name. Triple rim. Painted
  • Circle with name painted. Monstera leaves.
  • Circle with names. Monstery, painted. Triple rim.

Circle with name - Monstera leaves - Painted

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A beautiful wheel with a name for a wedding or other occasion. Three linked hoops with flowers and very fashionable monstera leaves create a unique pattern. If you want to honor someone on a birthday or name day, or decorate a wedding hall, our wheel will be perfect for that. We can put on it one or two names of the bride and groom, or any short text you wish. All you need to do is provide us with this information in the product customization field.

The wheel is made of birch plywood and is additionally painted. Thanks to this, it acquires taste and elegance.

The wheel can also be a decoration for a child's room or living room. It all depends on your idea and imagination.

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Circle with names made of birch plywood. Ideally suited as a decoration for a wedding, anniversary, name day or birthday. It can also be a room decoration.

Painting makes it elegant and tasteful. Don't forget to give us the text you want to include - we will cut it for you and put it on the circle. Remember - The text should not be long.

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