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IQ stamp with antibacterial coating - Microban

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The Printer IQ series stamp is a very high quality self-inking stamp, with the possibility of personalization with your own graphic design, logo or QR code. The stamp has been equipped with Microban anti-bacterial protection - preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. It is recommended wherever we are dealing with a large number of people, such as in offices, airports, border crossings, in schools, kindergartens and nurseries. Due to its properties, it is especially effective in hospitals and private clinics, where for natural reasons the number of harmful bacteria can be much higher.

Take care of your and your employees' health.

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Microban is a durable coating built into the production process to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It is certified and meets the requirements of the European Bactericidal Products Directive.

In addition to antibacterial properties, the IQ Microban stamp is very durable, even withstands falling on a hard surface. Housing tested for 1,000,000 reflections, during which it is not damaged.

It has a transparent base that makes it easy to stamp in the right place. Non-slip feet protect the stamp against sliding on the paper and guarantee readable content - without "double" stamps.

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