Little NIO Horses creative stamp. Stamp and infect others with love.
Horses - Little NIO stamp
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Horses - Little NIO stamp

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Little Nio Horses is a stamp with a set of ten interchangeable equestrian themed patterns. Use your imagination and decorate whatever you want with your favorite motif! The stamps show proud and noble animals as well as their attributes. Horses teach responsibility, regularity and discipline, soothe the nerves and develop sensitivity. Share your passion, stamp and infect others with your love for horses!

Little Nio Horses stamp will be used in: home games, schools, summer camps, games and many others.

To emphasize the charm of the reflections, we offer additional packages of colored ink pads available in pastel and classic colors.



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Little NIO Horses

Little Nio Horses stamps it's a way to share your passion with others.


Little Nio HORSES stamp will be used in:

- home fun,
- schools,
- colonies,
- games,
- and many other.

Kit contents

- Little Nio stamp,
- 10 interchangeable designs
- Tweezers facilitating the assembly of patterns,
- Graphite colored ink

NIO Stamp - Content

Little Nio Horses - Templates

Little Nio Horses - Templates

Technical data

The stamp has been manufactured with the use of modern technologies, from high-quality materials, for reliable, regular and comfortable use.

The pillow is tested many times in the production process. It provides excellent legibility from the very first copy, which remains legible for many years to come. Thanks to the even distribution of the ink, the pillow guarantees a perfect and sharp reflection. The ink used is non-toxic, protected against drying out.

It is a high quality product. The stamp contains 10 interchangeable patterns with engraved patterns prepared especially for horse enthusiasts.

User manual

- Cut off the edge of the blister;
- Take out the individual elements of the set;
- Press the bottom of the stamp by hiding it into the housing, lock it with the side buttons and turn it upside down;
- Insert the selected pattern with tweezers, arrange it according to the assembly tabs, which are located in two places on the stamp;
- Get a stamp;
- More details on how to make the stamp are on the packaging.

Removable ink pads available

A set of four replaceable pads for Little NIO self-inking stamps, soaked in special inks of very high quality. Thanks to the even distribution of the ink, the replacement pad guarantees a perfect and sharp reflection. The ink used is non-toxic, protected against drying out. Replacing the pad is easy and the process of replacing it does not get your hands dirty.

The offer includes two sets - basic colors and pastel colors.

Removable ink pads

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