Stamp for marking clothes. Permanent marking, text or graphics

Clothing stamp

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The clothing stamp allows for quick and easy marking of clothes and things that belong to children, employees of production plants, warehouse halls, people practicing sports or for the elderly staying in nursing homes. The perfect solution to prevent clothing from being lost or swapped in the case of the same outfits/uniforms.

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The stamp has a special ink that sticks well to textiles. The set also includes a white ribbon for marking dark clothes - just iron on (length: 1 m, height: 15 mm). Also included are two spare black ink pads.


50 washes at 30 °C

25 washes at 60 °C

10 washes at 90 °C

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The stamp was made of a strong plastic, the cushion was soaked in a special ink intended for marking fabrics. However, it does not dry in the machine - it does not require cutting off the air access as in the case of other specialist inks.

The set includes two spare ink pads and a white ribbon for marking dark clothes - it is applied by ironing. Easy and comfortable.

The stamp is used like a standard automatic/self-inking stamp.

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