E-Mark color handheld printer - the ability to print photos
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer
  • E-Mark - handheld color printer

E-Mark - handheld color printer

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The e-mark is the world's first mobile, electronic, multi-color, battery-powered marking device from COLOP. It is an electronic marking device that offers full color prints in almost unlimited variants. Impressive seal prints with logos and photos. Date stamp, numerator, QR and bar code generator in one device. And all this is created in a simple, intuitive way. E-mark allows marking, stamping and automatic numbering. Prints can be made on any absorbent surface, such as: documents, envelopes, books, paper bags, textile tapes, cardboard boxes and many, many more. The e-mark offers countless possibilities – a real marketing, office and industrial tool.



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1-line printout with maximum dimensions of 14 mm x 150 mm

2-line printout with total dimensions of ca. 28mm x 75mm

3-line printout with total dimensions of ca. 42mm x 50mm

The e-mark app comes with ready-made designs, each of which can be edited. In addition, it is possible to create a new project containing text, graphics, QR code, barcode and even a numerator or date stamp. The e-mark app allows you to send designs directly to the device and add three designs to its memory. Then the e-mark device does not require connecting to the application to print one of the three saved projects. The E-mark application includes a number of functions such as sequential printing (printing one pattern after another), continuous marking, i.e. printing repeated graphics along the entire length of the document, packaging and even ribbon. The graphics in the application are presented in a collection of clip art. In addition, you can add your own .jpg and .png graphics to the project. The appropriate setting allows you to print from two positions: centered or sideways, especially recommended for printing on labels.

The e-mark is operated using a mobile device - such as a smartphone and tablet, or a computer with Windows. The free application, available in Google Play (Android devices) and App Store (IOS devices), offers versatile possibilities for creating individual and unique prints, freely editing and organizing them. The application is incredibly advanced, and at the same time intuitive and easy to use. The data is transferred via the WIFI module, so it can be printed almost instantly

The COLOP E-mark product has a 24-month warranty.


Intense colors, excellent quality, clearly emphasized content, company logo reflected in one hundred percent? Now it's all possible!

Create, change, adapt and transfer color content to your e-mark. Mark whatever you want exactly how you want it.

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