transparent label for printing with the Colop E-Mark device
Transparent tape - E-Mark
  • Transparent tape - E-Mark
  • Transparent tape - E-Mark

Transparent tape - E-Mark

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Transparent tape label for splash and scratch resistant reflections. An additional coating gives them durability. Perfect for labeling jars, school supplies, box contents and much, much more. The width of the label is 14 mm. Thanks to the wider carrier, it is possible to print on the entire surface of the label and it is easier to remove it.

The label can be used in conjunction with the COLOP E-mark device guide or the COLOP E-mark ruler for precise print positioning.

To prevent undesirable unwinding of the roll, we recommend leaving it in the packaging and pulling the label along the marked fold.



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• Material:

- Transparent label - PET

• 14mm wide, 8m long

• Ability to cut the label across the tape

• 16 mm wide backing material for easier removal

• High adhesion to most common surfaces

• A special coating that makes prints resistant to scratches and splashes

PS/E-Mark transparent
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