Plastic tags cards for the Colop E-Mark printer

Plastic tags - E-Mark

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Labeling and marking plates with a 5mm diameter hole.

Perfect for event labels such as trade shows, shelf labels, boxes or other storage systems, price tags or gift tags.

The special coating of the plates ensures high resistance of the prints to water and ecological solvents, as well as to external technical damage, i.e. minor scratches.

With a height of 18 mm, the labels can be easily inserted into the COLOP e-mark ruler and thus print the imprint with extremely precise positioning.

A special coating of the plastic plates ensures their optimal printing properties for a period of one year, after which less color absorption or slight color changes may occur.



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Technical Specifications

Material: PVC

Size: 45 x 18mm

Weight: 0.81g

Package content: 20 pcs.

Weight with packaging: 16.94 g

Packaging dimensions: 48 x 19 x 16 mm

PS/E-Mark tags
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