Guides for printing on ribbons with the E-Mark device
Ribbon Guides - E-Mark
  • Ribbon Guides - E-Mark

Ribbon Guides - E-Mark

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Guides to help you make precise prints with the E-Mark on tapes. In an easy and pleasant way, you can now create personalized ribbons for gift wrapping, flower bouquets, hair pinning ... The set includes accessories in two sizes that are perfect for marking on 15mm and 25mm wide ribbons and similar, thin, flexible and longer items.



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Just pull the desired material through our guides and place the COLOP E-Mark in the right place from above and you can start printing personalized ribbons with precision for any occasion. The best effect will be achieved when we hold the ribbon taut on a flat surface and then move the e-mark over it. To print on longer ribbons, we recommend using the app's continuous coding feature.

For optimal print quality, we recommend using COLOP ribbons.

Product features:

• Set consisting of two sizes of guides, 15 mm and 25 mm

• The maximum material width of Ribbon Marking Kit 1 is 15 mm

• The maximum material width of Ribbon Marker Kit 1 is 25 mm

• Enables quick and easy application with the COLOP E-Mark

The e-mark must be moved over the ribbon to print, not the ribbon itself.

The surface on which the material is placed must be detected by the sensor.

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