Little NIO Stamp Wedding, Decorative Initials. Invitations, vignettes.
Wedding initials - Little NIO stamp
  • Wedding initials - Little NIO stamp
  • Ornamental initials - Little NIO stamp
  • Little NIO Initials stamp
  • Available letters of the alphabet - Little NIO Initials stamp
  • Initials - Little NIO stamp
  • Label your notebook. Little NIO initials stamp.
  • Mark your invitations with the Little Nio Initials stamp
  • Little NIO Initials stamp
  • Decorate your wedding invitations with initials. Initials rubber stamp. Little NIO.
  • Wedding initials. Your invitations and vignettes. Little Nio rubber stamp.
  • Wedding envelopes with your initials. Little NIO Initials.
  • Thanks, guestbook with your initials. Little NIO stamp.
  • This is how I look - Little NIO stamp

Wedding and Ornamental initials - Little NIO stamp

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NIO WEDDING AND DECORATIVE INITIALS is a stamp with which you can create a romantic, personalized reflection of your chosen initials. The beauty of the initials is emphasized by a graphic setting, available in the set in the form of three frames of different styles. The set contains 52 letters with a unique, elegant and timeless cut, thanks to which you can arrange any combination of characters. The whole creates a timeless reflection that, when placed on the stationery, invitation or gift, will emphasize its personal character and give it elegance and sophistication.

True love cannot be described with words, show it with images. NIO WEDDING AND DECORATIVE INITIALS stamp will make your envelope, pendant or thank you note unique, and creating them will be a pleasure.



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Little NIO Initials stamp for wedding

Delight your guests with hand-made stationery full of emotions. Ex libris - mark ownership of your books in an interesting and elegant way.

The user has the option of changing the content of the stamp imprint multiple times.

If you are looking for something that is original and at the same time wonderfully emphasizes the nature of the party - this set is for you!


NIO WEDDING AND DECORATIVE INITIALS stamp will be used in creating and decorating:

- wedding invitations,
- ex libris,
- cards,
- vignettes,
- paper stickers,
- decorations,
- alcohol hangers,
- albums,
- guest books,
- table numbers and table plans,
- envelopes,
- thanks to the guests,
- napkins,
- menu,
- and many other elements.

Kit contents

- Frames; Number of patterns: 3,
- 52 letters with an elegant cut,
- E / R40 pillow with graphite ink.

Package contents - Little NIO Initials

How does it work?

- Select the frame pattern you want to mirror.
- Squeeze the stamp in your hand so that you can see the text plate.
- Apply the selected pattern to the text plate.
- Add letters.
- Your pattern is ready to be reflected!

If you want to change the pattern, squeeze the stamp again, clean the eraser with the pattern, remove the previously applied pattern with tweezers, return the pattern to the box.

Little NIO stamp instruction

Technical data

The NIO WEDDING AND DECORATIVE INITIALS round stamp was made in Austria using modern technologies, from high-quality materials for reliable, regular and comfortable use.

A round stamp, the structure of which perfectly harmonizes with the impression of the stamp. It allows to obtain an attractive, unusual reflection characteristic for many applications: ex libris, marking envelopes, invitations, etc.

User manual

- Cut off the edge of the blister;
- Take out the individual elements of the set;
- Press the bottom of the stamp by hiding it into the housing, lock it with the side buttons and turn it upside down;
  Insert the selected pattern, place it on the bottom of the stamp - remember that the pattern should be placed on the reverse side;
- Get a stamp;
- More details on how to make the stamp are on the packaging.

Removable ink pads available

For the stamp, you can use replacement pads in 5 different colors, soaked in a special high-quality ink. The pads are tested many times in the production process. They have obtained a certificate of compliance with the ISO 14145-2 standard - which ensures excellent legibility from the first reflection, which remains legible for many years to come. The ink used is non-toxic, protected against drying out. Replacing the pillow is easy and the process of replacing it does not get your hands dirty.

Pad colors for NIO initials

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